A Message from the Founder

A Message from the Founder


Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah Wa Barakatuh,

Dear sisters, 

I want to congratulate you on taking a step in working on your relationship with Allah swt. I pray that Allah swt purifies your intention and makes every moment you spend in a means for raising your scale on the Day of Judgement and a means to raising your ranks in Paradise, Allahumma Ameen! 

I want to welcome you to the Al Hikmah Academy family, a place dedicated to spiritual enlightenment and growth. An organization with a team devoted to providing the best quality of Islamic education that is personalized to meet you where you are on your journey of spiritual growth. Our ultimate goal is to inspire you to embrace and continue your lifelong journey of seeking knowledge, always nurturing your relationship with Allah swt through worship, and going out to serve His creation.

Please remember us in your dua, and the rest of the Muslim Ummah. You will always be in ours insha’Allah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatu Allah Wabarakatuh,

Wafaa Saeed, M.Ed. Founder & Executive Director of Al Hikmah Academy